Workshop 2019 The idea for Lights in Blokzijl was inspired by the Swedish event Lights in Alingsås. In 1999, a group of Swedish students went to Alingsås to experiment with architectural lighting in public spaces. In 2000, they repeated the event concept but with a group of international students and workshop heads instead, and with great success, the town has continued to run Lights in Alingsås each year since. Berry Van Egten (BERLUX lighting design) was one of the workshop heads in 2008, and has continued to support and be involved in the light festival since. Because of his love for the fantastic and unique event, he decided to bring it to his own country, the Netherlands. The event has a close working relationship with Sweden, the IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers) and educational partners, and is supported by industry sponsors and many in the lighting community. From idea to reality in five days The workshop will teach theoretical and practical knowledge in lighting design. The main aim will be to have a professional lighting designer guiding the students through the complete lighting design process of a full-scale project. The workshop will last for six days and will be supported by the industry with cutting-edge lighting equipment. Student electricians from the local high school will also be involved in the workshop process by assisting the students and their installations throughout the week. We look forward to meeting all the participants and wish them all a fantastic stay in Blokzijl in December! PRACTICAL INFORMATION + REGISTER >>